PS3eye on Linux, Yes we can !!!

PS3eye on Linux, Yes we can !!! Wink

I have made a lot of test with the Ps3eye on Linux and
with some usb sniffer on windows
Sniff usb and tweak register values in gspca driver again and again.

We can now use the PS3eye with more resolution and frame rate :
The working modes are :
00: 640x480@15
01: 640x480@30
02: 640x480@40
03: 640x480@50
04: 640x480@60
10: 320x240@30
11: 320x240@40
12: 320x240@50
13: 320x240@60
14: 320x240@75
15: 320x240@100 (added 15/02/09 V0.3)
16: 320x240@125 (added 15/02/09 V0.3)

I'm not a V4L2 (video for linux API) guru, then the config is not accessible from v4l2 API.

So to setup the driver to one of these video modes, you must pass it as param to the module driver at load time:

modprobe gspca_ov534 videomode=10

and if you want change the actual mode you must unload the driver and load it again with the new mode as
parameter like that:
modprobe -r gspca_ov534;modprobe gspca_ov534 videomode=12

I will send my data to the gspa driver developer if they could add v4l2 support to it.
But for now, I can switch definitively my MT PC to Linux Smile

I have also made a little app that grab and display the video input (in CV mode), just to test the video and measure the real frame rate we get.

Here the files on my download page

Thanks to :
Antonio Ospite , Jim Paris, Mark Ferrell, Jean-Francois Moine for their work on the original driver.

Long life to nuigroup !!!

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