Unicap working with PS3eye driver.

Maybe tbeta will work too soon !!!!!

To have unicap working with gspca drivers (ps3eye or other) :

Get the latest version of Unicap Libraries Source Code:

wget http://unicap-imaging.org/downloads/unicap-0.9.5.tar.gz

extract it

tar -xvzf unicap-0.9.5.tar.gz

get my little patch

wget http://kaswy.free.fr/sites/default/files/download/ps3eye/unicap/unicap-gspca.patch

and patch the unicap sources

patch -p0 < unicap-gspca.patch

and then make and install
(Be careful to not have a conflict with the packaged version if installed, remove the unicap libraries with the help of synaptic.)

cd unicap-0.9.5
sudo make install


Now all software based on unicap api like ucview should work.

For tbeta it's a bit more complicated because the unicap library is built into tbeta executable, so we need that some developer of tbeta applies the patch on his unicap library and build a new linux version of tbeta for us or release the source code.

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hi rick just tested this,

hi rick

just tested this, and it works without problem



We have now tbeta working with PS3eye !
ucview is very good to use for setting up the cam.